Bird species in Iceland number approximately  80 of which about 77 are considered regular breeders and 43 are considered all year locals.  Hlidsnes is a paradise for birdwatchers and is considered one of the top two places in Iceland to observe birds as the Hlidsnes area has regular annual sightings of at least 40 species.  Of these 21 are all year resident birds, 17 are migrating birds and 4 are transitory migrants.

Of the residents and migrants 23 nest in the Hlidsnes area. The transitory migrants are making a stopover on their way from western Europe and west Africa to nesting grounds in Greenland and northern Canada in the spring (April/May) and then return back in the fall (August/October).  As a birdwatchers paradise in Iceland Hlidsnes lives up to the name.  House I is an excellent place for bird watching as it offers a view, either through the windows or from a viewing platform on the patio, over nesting grounds of several species of which the Arctic Tern with all its flair is the most common. Birdwatching from home or just taking a walk along the road or the beach in the peaceful surroundings is very pleasureable as along the way one also encounters several species.  Books on birds are available at the house. An excellent additional source for those interested is “Icelandic Bird Guide” by Jóhann Óli Hilmarsson.


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